You will be able to write excellent blog posts after reading these guidelines

Anyone can start blogging, write content and blog post. But becoming a successful blogger is more than just writing, increasing word counts and publishing. It takes a lot of time to understand very well how the things work.

Blog post quality has a big role in driving traffic to your blog. If you can impress the reader with first article of yours they read. Then will come again and check your latest blog posts. You will learn a lot about writing good blog post through your entire career. But, many bloggers who just started blogging need some initial guidance.

Though you will learn a lot in future, till then check below what we have learned. Surely, this will help you, especially if you have just started your career in blogging.

Simple and effective blog post writing guide

We have divided the information in 26 points below to ease your reading.

  1. Understand you audience. Get to know their taste. It will help you a lot, you are writing articles for visitors. So. you must know about your visitors. The question which has just came to your mind must be, How to know about audience? Check out next point.
  2. Add a comment box below the post, which will allow your users to comment and express their views towards you and your blog.
  3. To connect more with visitors, use I, We and You in your writing. It will create a sense of affinity among your readers.
    It will make them feel that they are connected to a real personality. They will also consider that the article is specially written for them. People will like to connect to a real personality than just a blog. It builds trust.
  4. You should do a research before you finally write a blog post.
    You may not write everything about a topic. Sometimes, you know very low about a topic but you have to write the article on visitors demand.
    This way you can gather more facts. Also, you can verify your knowledge. This may become editing before writing because prevention is better than cure. Do-reserch-before-writing-good-blog-post
  5. Choose a heading which people find interesting. You should also try to include all the details of your post in heading. So that people know, what will be the benefits of reading your blog post. Heading is the first impression and First impression is last Impression. Visitors will not be able to get what your post is about unless you mention it in heading.
  6. Google itself recommends that you should use URL as simple as possible. As simple URLs are easier to crawl by search engine bots. Hence results better indexing of your webpages, which means more traffic.
  7. You should ensure that your data and information is accurate. Mention source and add links to your post to claim authenticity. This will also build trust. This practice is also good for creating quality back-links. 
  8. Present your article, content and thoughts in a simple language which is easy to understand. Make sure your visitors dont need dictionaries to understand your posts. 
  9. You should place more important content in more visible and more accessible areas. 
  10. Use multiple heading tags to organize data of your blog post. There are six headings tags varying in their font size. Select appropriate size tags.
  11. Some good humor statements can be accepted inside the article.
  12. You must use bullets, quoted content etc. in your content. Because bullets, quoted content etc. are the best thing to stand out your important information and get attention of your readers.
  13.  You should write information in form of inverted pyramid. Place more important and attractive first. So that readers read the post to the end. Making references is also a good idea to make readers read maximum of content.
  14. Use images wisely in your blog post. Maintain quality of pictures, at the same do not use full size pictures they will slow down your blog. Use optimized images in your blog posts. If something can not be shown in text, take help of a picture or ..
  15. You can also add your own video or embed a YouTube video for making it easier to understand. 
  16. Write your blog post in interactive, motivational, positive, constructive manner.
  17. Keep the URL short and simple. Also mentioning keywords in the URL of blog post helps in search engine optimization (SEO) and give readers idea what the post is about.
  18. Avoid less common acronyms. Not all the readers know about all the acronyms. It will create problems for them in reading.
  19. Instead of using plain click here Anchor text, try to use some better anchor text. Anchor text can be name of a topic, where the link will land users upon clicking.
  20. Avoid repeating same information or facts throughout the article.
  21. Read your blog post on your own to find errors in it.
  22. You can also, ask your best friends or some trusted reader to find errors and report it. Some blog post have option of reporting errors to author. You can also hire someone to do the same job.
  23. Do not go off the track while writing the blog post. Try to write as much as possible to the point, avoiding rubbish.
  24. Keeps sentences short and make more paragraphs. Making more paragraphs will help in grouping data more efficiently. Make a paragraph of 3-6 sentences. I think 6 sentences are enough to cover a sub-topics. 
  25. Write a good search engine title and description for your post. That will help in increasing traffic to your blog. If people find the title & description interesting in the search results. They will surely click on your title and land on your blog. 
  26. Do not forget, nothing is perfect. There will always be chances of improvement in your blog post. Feel free to revise and edit the article. 

Now you equipped with 26 tips to write a good article. Enjoy ! After-Write-good-blog-pos-content-article-enjoy

Comment below if you have any other suggestions. Hope after reading this article, you will be able to write much better posts than before. 

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