WordPress plugings to minify css, html and java-scripts and score better in google test

Google recently launched the new tool for testing websites especially for small businesses across the globe. It will help figure them out their performance and ways to boost the same on the internet. Google tells about the market that most of the searches today are made on the smartphones. People wake up cellphones and it continues to be with them until they sleep. Whenever they need to find anything, solve anything or just wanna have fun, people check out their smartphones.

So it become important now to optimize content for smaller screen devices. At the same time it is also important to make the content lighter so that it loads faster and light on devices. Long and complex coding can make your website slower and also excessive use of javascripts, css and html coding. 

This is the post for you if Google has asked you to minify html, css or java-script. There are two methods to minify. Before going on to methods, first learn what minification is ? and why is it important ? You can also read second method if do not want to go in details.

As its name tells, minification is a process of reducing size of your website CSS, JavaScript and HTML content to its optimum size and reduce number of request counts. Minification combines your website’s different CSS files in to one file, minification process does same for JavaScripts and HTML files, combines different files into one respective file.

Minifying process particularly removes any unwanted code from your website like unused spaces that is written in your CSS, unnecessary line-breaks in your HTML or unnecessary code written in your JavaScript. Therefore minification is very crucial and helpful to increase your page load speed. Your website’s CSS, JavaScript and HTML markup size should be minimum and number of external requests should be as less as possible in order to increase your webpage load speed. 

So, finally there is reduction in time to load  the website, reducing the number of requests. Google also recommends to minify and give higher index to websites to minified websites increasing traffic on your website. Google told that they want to give their users smooth and good experience so they takes count of page load speed in SEO rankings.

First method is only for those who are good developers and know coding very well otherwise just move on to second plugin method . This method involves manual minifying using online available tools . Recommended for developers only.

Online tools to minify JavaScript – Use any of following

Tools to minify css You can use anyone as per your choice