WhatsApp working on new features Video Calls, NFC Tags, Group Invites, Voicemail, Zip File Sharing and more

Since, Facebook has bought up WhatsApp, many fascinating have been seen. Carriers companies have suffered from huge losses when Whatsapp came to market due drop in revenues from SMS. Facebook has tried its best to make it the best cross platform messaging service ever. New features are being constantly adeed to the insatant messaging app like voice calling made carrier copmanies suffer even more. There was the removal of $1 per year  subscription fees on WhatsApp. Recently, the have added end-to-end encryption to the list of features. 

Here, some more leaked features of WhatsApp will be covered that might reach the world in next update. We have collected screenshots also for you, just check the list down below. 

  •  Call Back features show notification of a missed call with call back button on iOS and Android apps. This heps the users to call back a number without opening WhatsApp. Voicemail features could also be included for iOS devices. The ‘Record Voice Mail‘ and ‘Send Voice Mail‘ buttons help to record and send a voice mail while you are talking on a voice call.   whatsapp-voicemail_callback  


  • Some beta versions of WhatsApp show a video call button next to contact name along with profile picture thumbnail and voice call button ( see top right of screenshot ). Most importantly though, WhatsApp asked the users who help in translating WhatsApp to various languages to translate new strings to translate, including Video call, and Video calling is unavailable at this time. It implies WhatsApp video call in not far away.  



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