VLC for Android got much better with features like subtitle download, pop-up video, network share and much more

Watching videos and movies on Android smartphones on the go with headphones plugged-in is very common now. Currently most of people are using MX Player on their Androids which gives decent experience. 

But most of people even those who have used VLC on computers a lot, dont know that VLC media player is also available for Android phones. Yes, it is available for Android too. 

Recently the app got an update named VLC for Android 2.0 . The app has got the update after a long time, nearly half year. Earlier release was v 1.70 a long time ago. 

VLC for Android 2.0 is a major update to VLC for Android, that adds a number of new features like support for new releases of Android, network shares browsing and playback, video playlists, subtitles downloader, pop-up video view and support for multi-windows, an optional history panel, favorite network shares and URLs, faster decoding, using our new asynchronous hardware decoder, updated most of codecs and formats support of app and a merge between the Android TV and Android packages.

Detailed features are described next

  • Reduced number of permissions for the app which means you are now more secure and privacy control. The player supports Android 2.2 to latest Android N. 
  • Downloading subtitles is now a lot easier, you can directly them from OpenSubtitles, without going to the website, its now directly integrated in the application. All done with one click. 
  • Now you can make video playlists as per your requirement and choices. That is very common feature for Music apps but now its available for videos too in VLC. 
  • Another often requested feature, was the popup-video view, mostly for tablets. Its now implemented to allow you to multi-task easily on your big screen phones, phablets. Samsung MultiWindow and LG Dual Window extensions are supported to allow 2 applications on the same screen. 
  • One of the most requested features, since the creation of the application, was the playback of network shares and local servers in VLC. Its mostly done now. We support DLNA/UPnP, Windows Shares, FTP(S), SFTP, NFS protocols to discover and browse your local servers or your NAS. And we also detect associated subtitles over the network! They mentioned it in their feature list.
  • You can also create a history of all the videos watched, much same as browser history. It is an old feature which now come again to VLC. You can also disable it if you dont want it. 
  • The Android TV interface has been improved and was merged to the same package as the normal Android one. Therefore, if your device form-factor is more suited to the TV look or you just prefer it, you can select it in the preferences. 
  • There are more advanced easy to use features that you can check out on your own. Nexus_9_-_Adv_Opt_m

The interface of app is tweaked and improved. You can get the app here directly from play store

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