Truecaller Tricks and Features you dont know. Now identifies unknown senders on WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, Viber etc.

Truecaller is one of the best app available to download now on various App Stores. It functions as 

  • Unknown number identifier
  • Blacklist 
  • Automatic Spam blocker 
  • Dial pad
  • Call History 

All these functions with a good interface make it a must download. Trucaller-Caller ID & Block

Below we list some of the tricks and features of True probably you dont know and you should know

  1. You can block all callers who hide their numbers who avoid displaying their identity. Are they showing ‘Unknown number’ when they call? They don’t have to get through. Plain and simple.
  2. You can change your truecaller privacy from friend of friend to public or request only. When you enable privacy option , your number is not in the public list.
  3.  Truecaller also comes with Android dialler, you can also use this as your default android dialler. You can replace your old-looking dialler with this amazing one . The App is separately names Truedialer Phone & Contacts. 
  4. When you download Truecaller, you are automatically protected against your regions top spammers. You can check this under your block tab.
  5. Truecaller works even when there is no active internet connection on your device. After the caller has been identified  once by Truecaller , Truecaller will still identify the caller for you even when you are offline.screen-shot-2016-04-20-at-14-41-08
  6. Block all numbers starting with the same number! eg, if a call center has numbers starting with +91 140, you can block all numbers of the type +91 140XXXXXXX. Even if they use another number from their call center or companion caller centre, they won’t be able to reach you.
  7. Truecaller will quickly identify a number for you the moment you copy a number anywhere on your phone to clipboard. You can even call or message the number directly from there.
  8. Truecaller also has a detailed call history .promo05blog
  9. It is a recently launched feature of truecaller, according to truecaller blog, the app is now integrated with other popular messaging apps. Now it identifies unknown automatically for you when someone unknown texts you on WhatsApp, Hike, Viber, Telegram, etc.