Tricks to Change Facebook Name bypassing 60 days limit

Facebook is biggest social media platform on internet available till now. Your name on Facebook has now became your identity in the world. So, nobody wants to  ruin his or her social image just because of bad or non appealing Facebook name. Everybody wants name to be as attractive as possible.

What if you have made a typing-mistake while changing your name on Facebook or your best friend did a prank on you or anonymous person got access of your account recently or you changed your mind after changing the name within 60 days or whatever the reason maybe. Here, are methods to follow to get the desired name. 

Before using the trick, check here that the limit really exists.     Facebook_Name_Change

Method 1 :


  • It will ask you to change your password. Change your password. 
  • Then you will see recent account name change. 
  • List of all names you have chosen earlier will be displayed. Facebook_Change_name_in_60_days_limit
  • Select a name from the list as per your choice. 
  • Enjoy ! 

LimitationNew name can not assigned as Facebook account name. 

If you want to add a new name, try the 2nd one. 

Method 2 :

  • Preparation before you start Keep ready a scanned image format (.jpg, .png or any supported image format) file of your Identity card with your photo that resembles with the photos on the Facebook account and your name. All these credentials should be easily readable by anyone from the image file. 
  • Click here to get started. 
  • Enter the name you want to appear on your profile.  Facebook_Change_Name_in_60_days_limit_ID
  • Click the best suitable option under Reason for this change.
  • Select and upload your ID scanned image.
  • Click on Send button.
  • Wait for the change until your ID gets verified.

Now, you are equipped with two ways to bypass 60 days Facebook name change limit. If you have any query or a new idea, please do share in comments section below. 

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