Send Bold Italic and Strikethrough WhatsApp text message

WhatsApp is largest instant messaging service today with over 1 billion daily active users. Since, Whatsapp is bought by Facebook, they have introduced a lot of new features. Most of these features are unknown to many. Here, is an awesome feature to impress your friends . 

One of the features is writing bold, italic and strike-through text without installing any third party app. 

  • For Writing Bold Text Add * (asterisk) before and after the text .

e.g.  *BOLD* will results in BOLD.

  • For Writing Italic Text Add _ ( underscores) before and after the text .

e.g.  _ITALIC_ will results in ITALIC. 

  • For Writing Strike-through Text   Add  ~ (approximation symbol ) before and after the text .

e.g. ~Strike~ will results in Strike. 



  • The changes (transformations) will not be observed in notification panel while showing the message notification. Notification_WhatsApp_Bold_Italic_message_text
  • The changes will not be observed in even WhatsApp app if the WhatsApp is not updated (a version which is months old). Old_version_WhatsApp_bold_italic_text_message

You can see the same in pictures attached.

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