Most important points to be kept in mind while selecting a WordPress theme

Theme of your blog or website plays a very important role in your website ranking, search engine indexing, displaying advertisements & earning money and most important, visitor experience. Your WordPress theme is face of your website, everything on your website reaches audience through the theme. 

Theme is the fundamental part of a website on which all your content, work and creativity is displayed. Theme is very helpful in impressing search engine or visitors. Themes gives as customization options. Sometimes, themes with lot of options are slower to load, which is not desirable at all. 

There are a lot themes available for free for your WordPress website and also there are many developers who charge some dollars for their developed themes. Usually paid themes come with developer support. 

There are many points which needs to be kept in mind while choosing the theme which are described next 

  • Choose a theme which suits best to the type of website you are going to build. There are a lot of versatile themes available which can be modified to your taste but choosing a already fully designed theme is a good idea.
  • Make sure that the theme have features you want like left or right widgets, header and footer allowing widgets, easy to navigate,  sliders, page builders, responsiveness and search engine optimized theme. 
  • Keep it Simple, lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc are available in many WordPress themes. Sometimes you may need those things, but in most cases you don’t really need all that. Choose a theme which looks great but does not compromise on responsiveness and usability. 
  • Most of traffic today come from handheld devices like phones and tablets, you need to get a theme which is responsive and optimized for smartphone usage. Mobile friendliness is also important, it must be able all the content properly on a small screen. You can check mobile friendliness of any theme based website on Google tools. Content must adjust itself for screen size on mobile screen. 
  • Cross-Browser compatibility is also a important thing. Dont forget to check your website on different browsers and devices including mobile devices.
  • Support for plugins is also necessary for a theme, the real power of WordPress comes with plugins, if you are unaware, then you can ask developer of theme about plugins support.
  • Support for themes is very crucial when you stuck in some problem. Most paid themes have developer support. While free themes dont have. For free themes you will need to hire some developer or solve the problem on your own if you are in any mess.
  • This is the era of Facebook and Twitter, social media is really important. If your theme has good social media integration then it will be easy to share your content and website on social media and get extra traffic driven to it. 
  • SEO Friendliness needs to one of top priorities. There is a main role of theme in SEO. A theme may be poorly coded and you are unaware of the thing. It is really difficult for beginners to analyze the theme on their own, they can use online available tools to analyze. 
  • Presence of features in a theme is discussed above but those must be easy to access. Theme should be easy to customize so that a beginner can tweak all its options. 
  • This is really simple to check and also a important one. Ratings and Reviews of a theme. Always give R&R a look before proceeding to install a new theme. 
  • Clean Layout and Unique Design needs also to be considered. 

To get a theme which is optimal in every aspect is not easy to find. You need to do a little research. Try to find a theme which best suits your need. All the important points to be considered ate interlinked. If  theme is coded properly then, it will perform well in all aspects. You should try to get a theme from reputed developer. If you have any other tip, please leave it in comments below. 

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