Rules to follow while deciding your new domain name for your blog, website or start-up

Name is the identity of you, your work, car, smartphone or anything else. Name gives first impression and first impression is last impression. So its very important to select a compelling name before you go for registering your domain name. 

Here, I will mention many of important points to be kept in mind while picking up a name. I will make it short and precise. 

So, next is the list of chief guidelines 

  • Keep it Simple Stupid You can remember this one by KISS
    Include daily use simple, easy to spell words in it. Dont use confusing words like weak & week, plain & plane. Then it will become easy to find for customers, they will not mis-spell your domain name.
  • Keep it short
    Longer is the domain name, longer the time it will take to remember and type. This allows more characters in URLs. It will fit better in social media and print media too. 
  • Pick strong keywords
    Try to use keywords which describe your work, theme and services. It also improves SEO and makes your domain name easy to find and remember.  
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers, dashes and underscores
    These symbols and numbers make it confusing when you speak out your domain name to someone. They are also poorly ranked in Google and other search engines. If you still want to use numbers then dont spell them or use roman numerals, for example if you want 7 in your domain name then type it as 7 only , not seven or VII, etc. 
  • Avoid Slang
    This is for the same reason as avoiding numeral substitutes. For instance, is a bad subsitute for It will create confusion only in your audience mind. 
  • Avoid prefixes and plural forms
    When some domain name is not available, registrar suggests you domain names with plural forms or by adding some prefix or suffix to it. for example if is not available, you will be suggested You should avoid those but if you have to take them neccesarily then dont forget to promote them with full name. Their are chances people forget writing the or my. Same is the case with plural form, many a times people forget to add s to the name and you loose traffic. 
  • Make your own brand
    Make your identity on internet. Make your name a brand. Choose a different, creative brand name which can become a brand name in future like Facebook, Google, etc. 
  • Easy to Remember
    Your domain name must be easy to remember so that they memorize your domain name after a few visits. They will also promote it for free to their friends if they remember the name.
  • Stick to .com domain name
    It is not a good idea to be creative with extension. .com is worldwide accepted and most common extension. Even if you dont tell the extension, there are full chances that people will first try .com after your domain name. You can go for country specific domain names if your services are limited to that area. You can also mention region or area in domain name and go for .com domain. 
  • Your domain name must be same as your website, blog or service name
    If its not same then your domain name must contain your business name. It will make it easy to access your services. 
  • Make it unique 
    If your domain name will be unique, people will find it easy to access. You will not fight for traffic with a already existing domain name.
  • If your services are area specific then it is a good idea to mention and target area within your domain name. It will create a feeling of connectivity will local users of your services. 
  • Avoid Copyright and branding conflicts
    Make sure the name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. It could result in a huge legal mess that could cost you a fortune, as well as your domain. You need to do some research to find more about this one. 
  • Avoid Numeral Substitutions
    Numeral substitutions just really do not work. Tell someone your site is w3$ and you will be in mess, its not easy to remember thing. 

  • Easy to type 
    If you follow above steps like using common words in your domain name, choosing unique and short name, it will easy to type on its own. Try to avoid letter like w,x,y,z,q. You cant completely do that but try to do.
  • Use WHOIS 
    If you find any domain name which is already registered by someone else but not being used, run a WHOIS to find the owner details and contact to get that domain name transferred to you.
  • Use your Brain
    Take your time and use your brain to find the perfect domain name. Ask you trustees for suggestion, ask professionals for suggestions, work together with team to get the best domain name. 
  • Act Fast
    After you have decided finally a good domain name, check its availability and register it soon. Don not act too much swiftly, register your name only after you have finally decided it, there are no chances of change making in it. 

 Drop comments below or contact us, if you need any further help regarding picking domain names. Also, tell us if you have any other tip to choose perfect domain name.

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