How to play hidden Facebook Messenger Chess game

Do you want to play chess on Facebook Messenger instead of chatting? Probably not. But, you must want to show this trick to your friends. You will show them you can play secret game, Messenger chess on your smartphone while chatting. 

Keep in mind, it is very tedious game. The method and notations used to play this game are old school. But it can always be used to shock your friends who do not know about it. 

How to start Messenger Chess ?

All you need to possess to start messenger chess is a smartphone with Messenger installed on it. Then, you will surely find some friends online waiting for your messages. To start the game with them and also surprise them. Command that needs to be typed in the chat box is   @fbchess play . You will be automatically assigned a color. What if you want to choose color of your choice. Yes, you have an option to do so. You can pick your own color by modifying the command in this way @fbchess play white or assign your opponent a color as well. Messenger-fb-chess-board-start-command

 How to specify position/block on Messenger Chess-board?

You will find numbers ( 1 to 8 ) and alphabets (a to h ) on the sides of chessboard. The numbering starts from the left side of player moving white pieces and goes towards the black pieces, increasing from 1 to 8 (vertical movement).. The alphabetical notation start from left corner of player moving white and goes from a to h while moving towards right (horizontal movement). These numbers are used to specify position. You will be using all the time these notations to specify where your piece will land after a move. Sometimes these are also used to which piece to move when there are multiple pieces. 

Denoting pieces on Messenger Chess

Following are the notations for different kind of pieces

K is for king,
Q for queen,
B for bishop,
N for knight,
R for rook, and
P for pawn.

If you need to specify which piece youre moving, you can add its location to the command. So Ngf2 will move the knight in the g file (the vertical column) to specified position which is f2 in this case.

Got Stuck in Messenger Chess?

Do you need help? Are you unable to move pieces? You can call directly for help by typing @fbchess help. This will show you a list of commands with examples. You can easily understand those after reading this post, basics are covered above in this post.

Here’s the full list of how to make certain moves on the chessboard, how to resign, offer a draw, claim a draw, undo your last move, show current position, show stats between players or take the game to another conversation. See the picture below. Messenger-FBchess-help-commands Well, the option of undo is available but when I tried this, it didn’t work for me. It just displayed a message You have requested an undo. When I tried to move again my piece, It said It is not your turn hinting that there is no undo working. Messenger-Fb-Chess-undo-command-not-working 

Writing Commands and moving pieces in Messenger Chess

A command to move pieces having the following components @fbchess to specify the text is for game. Then there is one blank space before writing the notation for piece (it can be K, P, N, Q, etc). Then there are positions, current position and final position of the piece. You can skip current position if there is no ambiguity. But you need to specify the initial position for easy identification. Example : @fbchess Bfb4 will move move the bishop in f file to the new position b4. Hope the explanation is enough. After reading this, you will be able to perform some basic moves. 

I know it is very tedious to play. I already told you. It is not a drag and drop chess game. Be careful about your command notations But, some chess enthusiasts may like it. If not anything else, then impress your friends by starting the game. They will not be able to move pieces on the first chance. You can leave the game at point and left them surprised. Hope, your friends will be amazed to see this. Comment your experience below.

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