Play Facebook Messenger new hidden Basketball emoji game and cheat to score high

Facebook Messenger is a brilliant app on any smartphone. The app not only let us chat to our mates, anytime, anywhere, for free, but thanks to a number of hidden features like Facebook games that have emerged in, it also offers up some secret entertainment for when the conversation dries up bonus.

Finding these hidden games on Messenger isnt always simple task  theyre hidden for a reason that only people who have a lot of leisure time and nothing else to do find the games. Fortunately, while doing some time pass on the app, we encounter these games.

Basketball game is known on the app for sometime  Finding the hidden Facebook basketball game will be simple after you read this post. First set is sending the basketball emoji to your friends with whom you want to play the game, just keep ensured that you are running the latest version. Tap on the sent emoji to start playing the game. Both you and your friend will be able to play the game within the chat window. Score of both players will be displayed in message feed. If you hate losing the game then here is a crazy idea for you to cheat in the game. All you need to own is smartphone loaded with messenger and a ruler (scale, or any other straight object). All done use the objects to shoot straight and win. 

Play, Enjoy and win the game. All the best from our side. Share your highest score screenshot with us on our Facebook page and Twitter. Comment if you have fun or face any problem with the game.   

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