OurMine team hacked Pichais Quora account tweeted to his 508k followers

After the Facebook CEO, Marks social media accounts hacked by a group of hackers called OurMine, they continued to hunt and this time made Google CEO, Sundar Pichai their target. The group of hackers have claimed that they have hacked Pichais Quora account. 

This hacker group is targeting CEOs & employees of big companies, not the whole company. Instead of hacking Facebook and Google, they hacked social media accounts of big personalities on other platforms. Maybe this is easier and new trend. Hacking the whole Google or any of its services will be a big deal and hacking an inactive or less used Quora or any other platform account of its CEO is comparatively easier. 

The three member group of hackers had showcased their act on his Quora account and also using his twitter account to publicize it to his 508,000 followers. Their tweets are removed now but you can see this image below if you want. 

Image showing hacked Pichais Quora account 

Sundar Pichai Twitter

More about OurMine Team

OurMine team announced the hack on their website on Monday and also said that his security was really weak. They are targeting tech executives and celebrities. Some of them are Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and movie star Channing Tatum. Vogels later informed that his Bitly account was compromised. It is more of a publicity stunt. 

OurMine team is trying to be a security firm. They are offering their services of finding vulnerabilities in websites for $1000 and social media accounts for $ 100. The fees for social media scanning is dropped to $ 30 because 100$ was expensive. But, it is not advised to give your bank and card details to hackers. This is not a good way of getting customers but, it seems good to OurMine and they are spreading their business by such things. 

Someone traced the hackers to Saudi Arabia via their IP address and Skype account. A member of OurMine team denied their belongings to Saudi and Russia. 

What does OurMine & Quora say ?

OurMine told TNW that they were only testing peoples security, they did not changed the passwords of the accounts. Another hacker can change the password . OurMine says, they have gained access to his account using a security flaw ( vulnerability)  in the Quora platform.

Quora is confident about security of its platform and absence of any flaw. They have no record of a report by OurMine pointing to a vulnerability. 

Some security tips from our side 

  • Do not use same password for different services. If account or service is different, go for a different & new password. 
  • Use all of the following in your password Numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters.
  • Do not use full dictionary words. 
  • The longer it is , better it is. 

Stay tuned, we will keep you updated about more such stories and also give you security tips. Comment what you think about OurMine team in the comments section below. 

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