Motorola to bring back its RAZR flip phone

Motorola is brand which introduced some revolutionary designs to us. Flip phone released by them decade ago was a great success. Flip phones are stylish. Motorola described them as yesteryear and future phones. They were legendary. Over 130 million units were sold that time, the phone was RAZR V3, very thin phone of that time, launched in 2004.  


A video spotted online on Youtube depicting Motorola flip phone. You can also watch the video below (scroll down for video).  It reminds the high school days. Flip phone was a style statement, there. Maybe, they are trying to bring that fashion back. They have shown in video, a girl going to class holding her RAZR near ear and talking. A guy clicking photo with RAZR and many other using the sane phone for purposes like texting or just show off. They have tried to show the huge presence of phone in video.

It also hints at an absolutely thin phone or a phone which will break earlier records of selling. They will unveil it at Lenovo Tech World on June 9th as the video title suggests Moto 06.09.16. The flip phone is supposed to be powered by Android as of now. 

Some of advantages of flip phones are listed below 

  • Flip phones get folded and become small and handy. Easy to carry . 
  • Screen is protected inside . 
  • No accidental dialing or key press .
  • Convenience No need to press power button, just flip over. Better to hold during call .
  • They are unique now .
  • Option of second small screen .
  • Flip to pick or end a call i.e. Style .

Let us see what happens next in the Lenovo Tech World, new Moto X is also expected there for launch. They may be hinting at thickness of new phone (which is supposed to be very thin, somewhere near 5 mm) as we guess. 

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Here is the teaser video.