Activate FB Messenger style chat heads on Android WhatsApp, Read messages without opening app and hide last seen blue ticks.

Since Facebook bought up WhatsApp, many new features are being continuously added to it like Calling (Voice and Video), Bold, Italic and Strike-through text, launch of Windows & Mac PC client, removal of $1 fees and many more.

Facebook introduced some years ago, a very nice feature to Messenger that was very much appreciated. The feature was introduction of chat heads.

What if you want the same for WhatsApp ? It is not available officially but some third party apps can be used  to enjoy the feature. Two best apps of them are 

  • Dashdow What AppScreenshot (473)

  • Seebye Chat Heads Screenshot (474)

Features of these Apps 

  • No need of rooting the device. No worries. 
  • Can see messages instantly on the screen. 
  • No worries of blue ticks. 
  • Hide your online status.
  • See messages on lock screen.

Dashdow over Seebye 


  • You cant reply directly from Dashdow. But with launch of new feature of WhatsApp, reply from notification panel will ease the work. 

Installation and User Guide 

  1. Download Dashdow What App. Click on image below to download.Screenshot (475)
  2. Open the App. Tick the first option Notification Access. Dashdow-App-WhatsApp-chat-heads-Settings
  3. App will redirect you to Notification Access options. Give Dashdow access by simply ticking the box or circle in front of its name. Notification-access-settings-dashdow-chat-heads-
  4. Enjoy the app.


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