Made in India iPhone will soon be in our hands

Here is a new story foe iPhone lovers, especially for Indians. Apple may start manufacturing iPhones in India very soon. rumors were coming for couple of months. The evidences proving the statement are below. 

Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of iPhone and they talked with Indian government. It is reported, now that Foxconn was searching for 1200 acres plot of land in Maharashtra and it have even found some plots to choose from. It has already shortlisted Talegaon-Chakan and Khalapur as likely locations.

The deal is near to close and will take nearly 18 months for completion after the deal will be signed. Total project cost will be $10 billion.

Foxconn also manufactures hardware for other brands such as Sony, Microsoft, Xiaomi and OnePlus and they could also manufacture phones other than iPhone in India in future. 

The Indian government has recently rejected Apples request to sell refurbished iPhones in India by saying that it is in-principle against allowing import and sale of second-hand phones in India to prevent dumping of hazardous electronic waste.

The cellphones will be manufactured for sale in India as well as for exports. This will boost Apple sales in India which is price conscious and Android rich market .


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