Set up Invisible, Transparent, Hidden Secret Android Pattern Lock + its 10 features

Are you facing problems keeping your cellphone private ? What if your lock changes with time? Want to keep its access to yourself only but your friends always keeping an eye on your Android pattern. Say goodbye to those spy. We will introduce you to a new app (Hope it remains new for years to come ). Give a new look to your smartphone using this app. And confuse your friends.

What is so special about it ?

It have a hidden lock-screen pattern, only you know where the pattern dots or marks are Smart, Isnt it ?

So only you know there is a lock and pattern to unlock the device but for others it is just a lock-screen with no lock. They will keep on swiping and doing crazy things but unable to guess how to unlock it.

Let me reveal the App, It is called Knock Lock AppLock Screen and available on Play Store to download for free. Knock-lock-invisible&time-lock

Features of Knock lock in glimpse

  1. Prevent Unauthorized Access 
  2. Invisible path to Unlock Pattern. (Knock Lock in image below is invisible lock ).Knck-lock-lock-types-shutter-time-pattern-invisible
  3. Helps preventing accidental calling/ butt dialing.
  4. Prevents others from using your device.
  5. You can also set time lock which changes with time. Knock_locl_time_lock
  6. There is a useful Widget also. Knock-lock-widget
  7. Superbly rich graphics. There are really good and new lock screen wallpapers. 
  8. There are also some nice clock designs. Knock-lock-select-wallpaper&clock
  9. Built-in App-lock.
  10. App is less than 5 MB in size.

This is one of the best apps I have even seen to lock the device. Go and prank on your friends. 

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