Super Surprising Samsung Facts, you dont know by now

Samsung is no doubt, the biggest smartphone brand in the world at the time. Everyone know Samsung just only as a smartphone company, but actually it is much more than that. Samsung has started much earlier than the era of modern technology. It started much before than Apple, Google started. Do you want to know exactly, when ? This is the first fact, Samsung started back in 1938. 78 years is a lot of time to evolve as a big brand. The South Korean giant faced up and downs throughout its journey. So, lets start with the Samsung facts, straightforward with second one. No.. we decided to arrange them in bulletin list instead of numbers. So, you can count on your own. 

 Samsung Facts list  

  • Initially, Samsung was as a normal trading business firm. The company specialized in food item like groceries and their flagship product was noodles. I think, you know Samsung is from South Korea.
  • The founder of Samsung, Lee Byung-chull given the name Samsung which means three stars. He aimed power, life and existence of company same as that of star in sky. Sam in Samsung means Three and Sung means stars. Founder was very ambitious. He hoped for great success. Its symbol culturally represent numerous, big and powerful. Three four-pointed stars can seen in old and simple logo of Samsung. Samsung-three-four-pointed-star-old-logo
  •  Samsung started with just 40 employees and now has employees, more than 489,000 in number. More than its competitors Apple and Microsoft combined have. 
  • Samsung is not just a smartphone company or an electronics company. But, it is a collection of nearly 80 companies in its group. The company has business across 80 different countries.
  • The first ever electronic product launched by Samsung was a monochrome TV. In 1970, Samsung launched their first Black and White Television set which was a great success. 
  • Samsung Electronics itself hold a big number of patents, the exact number is greater than 1 lac. 
  • Samsung also owns a medical center, which consists of many research institutes and hospitals. Samsung every year donates over $100 million to this center. Samsung shows interest in health care as well. 
  • The solution to great mystery is here. Yes, S in the naming of their flagship smartphone models means Super-Smart. 
  • Samsung replaced original covers of 1 lac Galaxy S3 smartphones, when somebody claimed that the backcover, they were getting on their smartphones is inferior to demo models shown earlier.
  • Samsung had worth of  US$ 305 billion in 2014, according to Wikipedia
  • The South Korean giant teaches students at its own private Sungkyunkwan University, which has history related to year 1398. The digit is very similar to the digit 1938, the year in which Samsung started. 
  • Samsung launched the worlds first 3D LED HD resolution TV with full 3D home theater system in the year 2010.
  • The first ever Android phone made by biggest Android manufacturer was i7500. Unveiling of i7500 took place in Korea, back in April,2009. 
  • There was a judge who made Apple to apologize in front of Samsung, for Apples  false claims about infringement of patents by Samsung. Same person was hired by Samsung for a case against Ericsson. via : economicrisis .
  •  According to PCWorld, Samsung has tried to defame htc in Taiwan, which home market of htc. A group in link with Samsung posted anonymous reviews that Galaxy S3 performs better against One X. They encouraged consumers to pick Samsung rather than HTC. 
  • Sick leave taken at Samsung goes for vacation holidays. People may loose their vacation trip at Samsung as a result of falling ill.Screenshot (770)
  • You need to study lot to work at Samsung. They ask for Ph.D. or Masters degree with some years of R&D experience tp get selected for interview.Screenshot (771)
  • Samsung introduced its first ever phone, which was a car phone in 1986. Finally, it didnt get much success as compared to its TV set launched in 1970.
  • Samsung sells the largest number of Television sets per year, since 6-7 years. Hence, they may hit decade soon.
  • Besides, being largest smartphone brand, Samsung is also largest supplier of memory chips around the world. Probably. Samsung has a lot of innovations in memory chip making. 
  • Samsungs heavy industries manufacturing very huge items around the globe. They possess 4 million square foot shipyard to build ships in the city of Geoje. 
  • 17 percent of GDP share of South Korea comes from Samsung only. 
  • Samsung spends tens billions of US$ in only marketing and advertising. Therefore, nullifying the chances of companys drop in revenue. The same amount is not spend by any other brand like Coca Cola, Apple, etc. 
  • Samsung is big hardware company. Hence, allowing it to manufacture most of its products, nearly 90% in house.
  • Last time, Samsungs logo was changed in 1993. The open-mind of company is denoted by the open-cuts on S and G letter.
  • After establishment of Samsung Electronics, company used only three logos. All three are almost relevant. Samsung-3-logos
  • Samsung now has more than 900 full-time designers. On the opposite side, it had only two initially.
  • Samsungs headquarters are spread over 250 soccer fields, hosting many of companys businesses there. The area is named Digital city, maybe because of its digital and technological advancements.Samsung-digital-city-headquarters
  •  Samsung also owns the South Koreas largest amusement park known as Everland Resort. It also has a zoo and a water park, named Caribbean Bay. As a result, Samsung employees get free passes to visit the park. 
  • 15% of exports from South Korea came only from Samsung.
  • A number of smartphones, including original iPhone run on Samsung manufactured chips. Even today. Samsung supplies hardware to other smartphone manufacturers.
  • Apples Tim Cook do not want to sue Samsung only because of above mentioned fact. Their hardware is supplied by Samsung. 
  • Samsung releases the very first phone to utilize CDMA technology in 1996. Earlier, it has some advantages over GSM, but after coming of 4G/LTE. CDMA is inferior to GSM. 
  • Modern day smartwatches like Gear are not the starting of phone watch era. Samsung made phone watch back in 1999 which also functions as phone. It was named Samsung SPH-WP10. 
  • Samsung spent a total of us$ 14.1 million only on R&D in 2015.
  • Samsung comprised of 80 different companies building ships, large cranes and other engineering products.
  • Samsung Techwin built fighter jets, infantry tanks, helicopters and mobile artillery for South Korean army. 
  • Samsung was major contractor in building of tallest skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 and Petronas Tower. We would rather prefer to say Samsung built tallest sky scrapers. 
  • Samsung has also made cars with Renault in South Korea for as long as 20 years. And, we are now hearing about Apple cars at the time. 
  • Samsung has 33 R&D centers all over the world. 

Hoping these much points are enough, otherwise the article will be too long. But, its already too long. Samsung has an interesting past story. What do you think, comment below !

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