Instant Reply to messages (WhatsApp, hike, Twitter, etc) anytime and anywhere on screen with floating notifications

Are you bored of opening messaging apps like WhatsApp, hike, messenger, etc just to reply message. It feels really frustrating while you are working on something important on your smartphone and  notifications keep on disturbing you as people asking continuously for answers or help. It is really great and handy to reply messages anytime and anywhere on the go. 

Consider a situation you are working on a document or simply editing your pic and your friend texts you. You do not want to quit your job and switch apps just to chat with him. Your smartphone must be smart enough to do multitasking and do both job at same time. So for your ease, there is app available for Android phones on play store named Notifly.  

As the name suggests it keeps your notifications flying over the screen so that you can reply fast. 


  •  It supports a variety of messaging apps. You can use it with any of them. The list is given below a total of 13 apps

1. WhatsApp
2. Telegram
3. Hangouts
4. Line
5. Skype
6. Tango
7. KakaoTalk
8. Twitter
9. Textra
10. ChompSMS
11. Facebook Messenger
12. Google Messenger
13. Plus Messenger

  • The does not ask for extra bullshit permissions so that it can spy over you or leak your private details. It asks for the following general permissions 

1. Internet used for advertisements
2. Access network used to receive advertisements
3. System overlay used for draw over apps
4. Vibrate used for vibrate at notification
5. Billing used for in app billing products 

  • The user interface of app is very simple. It is easy to use. You can easily access settings and set it up.
  • Notification binding  You can bind your floating notifications with notifications in notification panel. You can bind both notifications to close simultaneously or independently.
  • You can manage each application separately, each have different settings.
  • Very responsive and small size app (even as compared to messenger chat heads).
  • Access it even on lock-screen, no need to type your password, pin or pattern again and again. Reply instantly from locked screen.    
  • You can block Notiflys for specific contacts or groups with just one click and manage them in the app specific settings. Enable this option for your private chats so that they dont go public.
  • Personal touch There are a lot of customization options to give it a personal touch like adjusting bubble size, color, etc.

Download and Use Guide 

  1. Download the app by clicking here or on the image containing Notifly below . Notifly-instant-reply
  2. It will ask you to try notifly, you try to see its user interface and click on done.
  3. It will take you to the final app screen where you can see all the supported apps you have installed and set them up one by one.
  4. There are common settings as well such as Bubble Size, Position, notifying actions,etc .
  5. Individual apps settings such as which contact to be blocked for Notifly, colors, notification binding,etc.
  6. Wait for the message to come and start using the app. 

It has a rating of 4.2 on play store which is really good. I suggest you to try this app to lessen the efforts you make to reply. Now you have got the power to increase your chatting speed and become smarter. 

Hope you enjoy using this app and let us know your response in the comments below. 

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