How to schedule posts in WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of best ways to start a new website or a blog. It is really easy to do so on WordPress. WordPress has lot of features hidden in it which makes it easier to design your website. There are thousands of plugins to do jobs which basic WordPress can not do. Practically you can build website of your choice using this platform.

WordPress has very cool feature hidden in it which allows you to schedule your posts. Many Bloggers may not know about this one. So, we will teach you how to do it.

First, we will discuss, why and when to schedule a post ??

You may be going out for holidays or taking rest at home and want your blog to be updated with time. You can not manually write and post on your blog every time. At such times, it is handy and easy to schedule posts. You will not need any friends or helper to do so on your behalf or share you password or website access with someone else. You can write posts in advance and then schedule them. 

Another condition when you want to post at peak times of your website but can not , maybe you sleep at that time or be in office at that time. If you have a busy week ahead somewhere else where you can not reach your blog. Then this article is for you. 

How to schedule posts without plugins ? 

Prepare your the content and write a new post. Do not forget to select categories and writing SEO titles and description to your post. Once you are all done with all those things, before hitting the publishing button. Click on edit button which is above the Publish button, text to the text Publish immediately & below the visibility selection option.

After that you be shown some boxes to enter date and time of publication. Select and put the desired moment of publication.

Click on OK button after setting up date and time. Then the Publish button will change to Schedule button. Click on Blue box with Publish written over it. WordPress-pos-schedule-fix-date-time-procedure

Warning: Please do not schedule more than 100 posts. Any posts scheduled beyond that amount will not be published. 

Sometimes, scheduled posts appear on your blog with first visit on you website after the time & date you have set. If your post is not published then, log-out of WordPress and view your blog’s front page. Your visit should cause the post to appear.

Your post will be automatically posted on correct time. There are also plugins for the same job whose names are as follows

1.    WP Scheduled Posts

2.    Schedule Posts Calendar

3.    Easy Scheduled Posts

4.    Auto-Schedule Posts

5.    Editorial Calender

You can try any of the above plugins but installing a large number plugins is not good. Only install the necessary ones.

Readers want consistency in posts publishing so that they can enjoy regularly you blog and posts. It is a good idea to give them a new post everyday at same time. It will create a reading routine among your visitors. 

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