How to create original looking fake WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook conversations status

Is your life getting boring or you just want to make it more interesting, then you are reading the right article. Today, we are going to discuss a trick ( i am going to reveal a secret) to create fake conversation. You can fake conversations and show them to your friends as a proof to make them believe your lie. Yes Prank and have fun.

Are you afraid of your partner or parents ?? they keep on asking you for the screenshots of chats. Get rid of their suspicion. Use this app to tell them you are innocent. You can flirt late night, or do whatever you want and send fake screenshots of some study or work related chats to prove yourself genuine. 

Find your own naughty ways to use these screenshots. 

Before disclosing the name of app, have a look at its features 

Each conversation screen is highly customizable : you can include a customized status bar (with custom WiFi and battery level, etc), navigation bar, show or hide overflow, change WhatsApp background, change avatars, etc.

Ads can be completely removed through in-app purchase (available in main menu).
The watermark can be removed from Settings. 

The application supports this kind of conversations:
• Android SMS
• iPhone SMS (iOS7 style) with emojis support
• WhatsApp with emojis support
• Facebook Messenger
• Facebook Status with comments and likes
• Tweets with hashtag and mentions support
• Google searches
• Hangout
• WhatsApp groups
• Google translate
• Ask.FM
• iPhone WhatsApp 

All most all you need is available here.. 

Im forgetting something yeah its the app name and how to get it.. 

The app is named as Yazzy. You can download it from play store by clicking here.