How to add Facebook reactions to WordPress posts

Facebook recently launched a new way to interact with post and status updates on their social media platform. Facebook users are now allowed to add their reactions while liking a picture. There are basically five reactions a liker can give, those are love, Happy (HaHa), Wow, sad and angry besides the original like button.


Reactions are great way to show our response towards anything. These are emotional feedback which makes it easier to express our opinion. These are visually more appealing and engaging. 

Do you want to add these to your blog too so that you can know what exactly your readers feels about reading your posts ? These are not available on WordPress, but plugins are our life-saver. We have also found a plugin for these reaction buttons. 

Why to add these emoji or reactions ?

  • It creates more user-friendly space. It is easier to use emoji than using comments to express anything. 
  • Users feels more free to use reactions, typing comments and posting by filling-in details is a long process at least readers think so.
  • Improves writer-reader relationship and communication.
  • Allow your website to look good and lure more traffic.

Now the main question is How to add reactions to posts ?

It is really easy to add those reactions, it might seems difficult, but it is easy to do so with plugins. The plugin required to do so is DW-Reactions. You can install the plugin by downloading the .zip file from here. Or directly search and install it. Go to left sidebar in WordPress, then to Plugins > Add new. Search DW Reactions. Click on install written next to DW Reactions plugin. Activate the plugin. You are done. wordPress-DW-reactions-settings

But if you want to tweak some of its options, then go to its settings. Settings > Reactions. There you can find a lot of options about the placement of these reactions. 

You can choose whether to display count or not. 

You can display reactions above or below the post. And also at both places. 

You can also choose on which pages reactions to be displayed. This option lets you check following pages:

• Homepage

• Archive Pages

• All posts

• All pages 

By default, DW Reaction plugin allows only signed in and registered users to post reactions on your WordPress posts, however, you can change the setting by unchecking the “Users must be registered and logged in to add reaction” option. 

Dont forget to save the settings after you are satisfied with the changes. 

Facebook type Reactions in WordPress

This plugin also support codes to insert reactions anywhere on your website, between text of post also. You can disable reactions from settings on all posts and manually insert it into limited number of posts of your choice using short-codes.

Hope you and your audience enjoy the reactions on your blog. Comment below your experience with the plugin and reactions. Feel free to contact if you face any problem. 

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