Google is testing one click internet speed test directly in their search engine

Google is continuously easing the tasks with its search engine. You can see translations, meanings of words, weather, travel routes to a specific destination by car, bus, train , or air. Recently, Google is found testing Internet Speed test directly on search engine to ease the speed tests. 

When you will search a query like check internet speed, it will show a Blue button with Run Speed Test written over it to start the test immediately.

The test was discovered by Pete Meyers . We have not yet seen the test ourselves on the search engine. So, we dont know how does it actually like? How will it perform after clicking on run speed test. 

More details on Googles internet Speed Test 

The result which is shown at the top by google will look like picture below. 


Google has partnered with Measurement Lab to do this speed test. The test take nearly 30 seconds to show results. The amount of data transferred during the test depends upon your internet speed and your location. Google stated the test used data upto 40 MB. A typical test in U.S. uses 9.4 MB & 4.4 MB outside U.S. 

The test shows results on three parameters, 

  • Download speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Latency 

Lower the latency and higher is download & upload speed, better is the internet connection. 

You can read more at Google Support

Bings built-in Internet Speed test

Search Engine competitor from Microsoft, Bing is already showing internet speed test, direct on in its search results. Google is trying to catch up, I think. You can search only speed test to get it in front of you. Bing-direct-speed-test-google

Internet Speed Test, Do it now 

You can instantly test your connection speed, in the box below or in our widgets area anytime, anywhere. 

My favorite internet speed test tool is now from Netflix. It is speed test tool which requires minimal clicks. All you need to do is go to or just simply click by Ookla is commonly used for testing speed. 

Comment below your favorite internet Speed test tool. 

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