Googles Android v7 finally given the name Nougat

Google has unveiled it latest Android OS name.  Android N which is v 7 of Android, get the name Nougat. Google follows the alphabetical order while naming its OS, it was turn for N after M ( Marshmallow).

Google asked publicly its users to name Android N nearly a month ago. Users were allowed to give it a name of their choice. The choices were not limited to a drop down list to select from. 

It is interesting to note, the company used Snapchat as one of the platforms to reveal the name for the first time.

Nutella was most trending name at that time. Goggle may have faced some licensing issues with that name. Earlier they have managed to sort all out with Kit-Kat. 

Some Indians approached Google CEO, Sundar Pichai to name it as Neyappam or Nankatai. While Nutella and New York Cheesecake were the most suggested names from People. It does not seem like it was a public choice of naming. But, finally we can say What is there is name ? We can talk about features. That is the thing which really matters during the use of device. 

Android v 7 Nougat features

  • Split-Screen Multitasking will give more better multitasking experience. You will be able to divide the screen for multiple apps and take advantage of large screens of smartphones.
  • Project Svelte for optimizing system apps and reducing RAM usage
  • More room for Quick Settings 
  • Android N will add the ability to record and playback content from Android TV input services via new recording APIs.
  • More richer notification panel which will also allow you to reply directly from notification panel.

Overall the name got mixed reactions from users about the naming. Many people are happy with the new name and will upgrade as soon as possible. Many wanted it to be named Nutella and are not happy. Maybe the reason behind it not naming Nutella, it that is sounds more like Satya Nadella, Microsofts CEO. 

Comment below your reactions about the new name Nougat. Do you like it ? I think it is aleast better than some of the names suggested like Nipples.  

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