Get new friends on Messenger, Chatible allows you to text randomly to anyone

Talking to new people around and making them friends is more interesting and adventurous than it sounds. Humans are social and they love to get connected and talk. Finding new people on internet is not a tough job now but to find someone on internet who is willing to talk you back is hard. 

Most of the platforms available now which are known to most of people allows to connect with contacts only. 

There existed many platforms which allows you to connect to strangers. Some instant messaging app tried sea bottle message method or other find nearby people method. But, there is lack of people on those services. 

Facebook is the biggest social media website and what if we somehow bring anonymous chat to this platform. Yes, this is done by an bot known as Chatible. Earlier you connected with people only you know on Facebook Messenger, but now you can connect to total stranger. 

This will be a great add-on to a platform which suggest friends to you on its own and when you send friend requests to those, it puts a warning to send request to people only you know or asks do you know person in real ? before actually sending request. Facebook has strict rules when connecting to strangers, message requests are now also added to the Messenger which is similar to friend request on Facebook.

At such times, Chatible is a good option.  It’s a simple bot for Facebook’s Messenger that connects you to another person anonymously anywhere in the world randomly, so you can get to chatting right away, with no preset agenda. It is obvious that both person must use Chatible for such connection to take place. 

Way of chatting and other things are simple and same as messenger, no need to learn about a new interface. The you need to do to start is to sign into Messenger, go to Chatible and click on New Chat. Rest of work will be done by bot itself and you can enjoy chatting.

You can even find a new friend, best-friend or a relationship partner for you there. Most of the time you are connected to decent person and chats goes fine. But, there is no guarantee about that you will not be connected to any jerk. Good thing is that your chats can go on even without revealing identity.

The conversations that have happened thus far and found their way onto Product Hunt have seemed perfectly pleasant and PG, but there don’t seem to be any measures in place to protect against creepier content. That said, however, Chatible doesn’t reveal your identity, and all information is kept private. As the app notes on its own Facebook page, “while Chatible is basically a ‘middleman’ to facilitate these conversations, we value your privacy greatly and will neither inspect nor disclose these messages.”

It seems that the app become very popular only in few hours of its launch. When I tried to start a new chat it gives message Sorry, we are currently undergoing some changes in development. Please check back in a couple of hours. It means that they needed to upgrade their servers and other things in the meantime. Chatible-Facebook-Messenger-error-upgrading-hours-fix-servers

Now, everything is okay, you can go and give it a try by clicking here. Let us know how your conversation went in the comments, and don’t be surprised if you bump into me in a chat. Ask anything about how to use this in comments. 

Chatible : Get it here 


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