Samsung Galaxy Note 7 final look colors leaked in photos

This is high time for smartphone manufacturers. While Apple and Samsung are working on their oncoming flagship models, LGs already in market G5 struggles to sell. G5 is an excellent flagship phone with top class features and the first modular smartphone era. Motorola announced their next flagships Moto Z & Z Force which will be available in market from September. Motos phone will be more modular and handy than LGs G5. Samsung is working on Galaxt Note 7 and Apple on iPhone 7. 

Samsung is doing nothing exceptional like building full metal phones, removing 3.5 mm jack incorporating USB type C or making modular phones. Moto and LeEco has already sacrificed 3.5 mm jack to win the race especially against Apple. Samsungs Note 7 will be a phablet and pack top-notch hardware with Samsungs customization to Android. 


The front panel leaks from various sources proved the existence of iris scanner near the front camera lens. Iris scanner will add extra security like fingerprint scanner. Also, iris tracking will help in scrolling up and down the screen. Fingerprint sensor will surely present in Home button below the screen. It seems Samsung will never take those buttons to screen.


 The leaks shows Samsung Galaxy note 7 in its final color variants namely Black Onyx, Blue Coral and Silver Titanium. The display is confirmed at 5.7 inches with curves on both sides. It will be dual edge model. Leaks from case maker, Olixar also shows USB type C post on the bottom with speaker grilles. carbon-gold-promo

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