Use Flatbook Chrome Extension for Better Superior Newer Facebook User Interface

Facebook is worlds largest social media website. It has 1.65 billion active monthly users. Most of them browse through their smartphone but there are still many who wants to enjoy the experience on big screen uses still their PC. 

Back in the days of 2004 when Facebook was first launched, things were simplistic, reason is simple as there weren’t too many features. But over time as Facebook grew to become to the social media gaint that we know today, it is being packed with features that not all of us use. There are a lot of features which remains in hibernation mode. And many of us would not like to see those annoying ads.

Its no more now, even desktop users will now have power to enjoy a new user interface which is no more messy. The good news is brought up via a Chrome extension know as Flatbook (formerly Facebook Flat). It has been around for a while, but this time, many pretty changes have been made to it to give it a fully new look . Sure enough, it looks great, and strips Facebook of a lot of the cruft that makes it difficult to navigate.

It has two vertical bars on the left side holding on some good-looking icons to make it easy to access . The first one has Your profile pic on top to go directly to edit your profile. Below their is feed button which has very organised way to display news feed, you can select the category and even the source of those feeds. Below that is binocular icon which guesses your top profile visitors by some algorithm. Also there are buttons for Facebook live, Developers and move to top arrow. 

The second row of icons is full of icons related to you only like buttons to see My Friends, My Messages, My photos, My videos, My apps, My Games, My likes, My events, Saved and My pages. These will help navigate quickly to the area you want.


There is also a bar on top, a hybrid of bar seen on smartphones and desktop PCs. Originally it is bar with all the options we see on PC but have a layout like that of smartphone. It stripes out the silly ads and suggested people and groups from the right sidebar, and gives you a simple, flat, organized reading experience with quick links on the side. There is also a toggle on this bar (left-corner ) to switch on-off the Extension (Flatbook). Switch between the two views anytime you want.

Now you can enjoy better look of Facebook on your PC. 

Get Facebook Flatbook here

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