Multilingual posts Composer now allows automatic posts in multiple languages to Facebook Users and Pages

There are thousand of languages worldwide. Are you unable to connect to some people in different parts of world due to language problem? Are you unable to serve your services just because you can not communicate with new consumers? What if you have multilingual posts on social media? Yes, Facebook is working continuously on this feature since they have launched it in February. First of all, Facebook page managers enjoyed this feature in Feb 2016. Maybe, only a few page owners used this feature. While working on improving this this feature, Facebook recently launched the same for average users. You can jump ahead to get into how to use the new feature. 

Yes, Facebook developers have built a bot which will do the job of translation for you. You can write your post in the manner you prefer and language of your choice. Then, you will be able to select languages in which you want to post from a drop-down menu. Facebooks composer will translates the post on its own. Also, you can make changes to default translations if you find any error within it. 

Facebook mentioned that around some 5,000 pages are already using this feature. Facebook started testing it with only some of the pages initially. It is now rolled to almost every Facebook user. We will tell you at the end how to activate this feature on your page or average user account? and How to use this feature as well? 

Currently, it is supporting 45 languages that Facebook translates. The mechanism and algorithm of translation is same as that of see translation feature which you already see on some of posts and comments. 

We use several signals to determine the most relevant version of the post to show each viewer, including the language preferences and the locale that people selected for their accounts, as well as the language they most commonly post in (using a naive Bayes classifier to determine the probability distribution of the text across the languages our system can identify). If there’s no match between the languages the post was written in and the viewer’s preferred language, then we show the author’s first message as a default, and the viewer can use the existing ‘See Translation’ tool to see the post in their preferred language, Facebook describes. 

How to activate Multilingual posts  on a Page 

Here is step by guide to activate with screenshots. Though it is an easy task. 

  1. Go to your Facebook page. You have to go to your Facebook page, move on to next topic if you do not own a page.
  2. Click on the Settings, taking you to the settings menu of your page.
  3. Find the Post in Multiple Languages tab under General settings. Take your time because there are many options. 
  4. Check the box for “Allow people who manage this page to write posts in multiple languages“ and click on Save Changes. Facebook-multilingual-posts-activating-page
  5. Finally, you can enjoy the feature.

Activating Multilingual Posts for Average users 

Yes, you need to activate it before enjoying it. 

  1. First of all, Open your Facebook account, Maybe you open others if you have access. 
  2. Go to settings, specifically Account settings 
  3. Go to languages tab. Hence, you will see some options.
  4. Click on Multilingual Posts. As a result, a check box will appear saying “Create a single post in multiple languages” . Facebook-multilingual-posts-activating-average-user
  5. It seems like you have checked that box. Good, Save Changes after checking the box. 
  6. Finally, enjoy the posting in multiple languages.


These settings may not be seen in all the Facebook accounts as of now. You can wait while they update these settings to your account. Fortunately, I have found these on my account. 

Guide to write Multilingual Post

This time it is same for both pages and average users. 

  1. Go to post writing tab, write whatever you like. And, move on to next step after you have finished writing your post in your native language. 
  2. Find a + button followed by text “Write post in another language”  and Click on it. Screenshot (827)-Facebook-Multilingual-Posts
  3. Now you will be able to select our default language of post. At the same time you will be able to add more languages/translations to it by selecting them from drop-down menu. 
  4. Facebook will instantly show its translation and at the same time allowing you to edit the translations. Editing feature is great if you know other languages as well. Screenshot (829)-facebook-Multilingual-posts-hindi-english
  5. Probably there is no limit to number of languages that can be added.
  6. After you are happy with languages and translations, you can post it to reach the audience or friends. 

Hope this much guidance is enough to exploit the new feature. No more help is needed. You can still ask if you have any doubts in the comments section below. 

Tag your friends to show them this new feature. They may get amazed and ask you How did you do that? You can redirect them here to learn. 

Note Extra Tip

If this does not work on your smartphone, try it on desktop and laptop.  

Source : Facebook