Facebook Messenger open ups a new Soccer emoji Game you would love to play

Facebook earlier launched the Basketball game on its Messenger app which allows you to play the game anytime, anywhere within the chat window. After the success of basketball game, it’s no surprise that it has released a new game for the #Euro2016 season – this time with the soccer (or football, depending where you’re from) emoji instead. 

Recently, a new game based on soccer emoji was found. In this game you have keep the soccer ball in the air by continuous tapping on the the ball, you will loose the game if it falls down to earth. It is not like the basketball game where you can have time gaps before firing the ball again and plan strategy. In basketball game you have to direct the ball into the basket. fb soccer

The soccer is tougher than basketball game. Each of your successful tap on the ball will be considered as goals and you will make a high score in this way. After 8-12 points, it gets tougher with a little bit of distractions. We have tried this game for a few minutes on our smartphone and it’s definitely harder than you think. Give it a try if you think its easy. You can also challenge your friends with your high score . The high will be automatically sent to the other person on conversation.

 How to play the football game

  1. Update your version of Messenger to the latest. 
  2. Send a football emoji to your friends.
  3. Tap the emoji once after it is sent. 
  4. Start playing football! 
  5. Enjoy the game. 

Play, Enjoy and win the game. All the best from our side. Share your highest score screenshot with us on our Facebook page and Twitter. Comment if you have fun or face any problem with the game.   

Unfortunately,  the game is mobile messenger only. 

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