Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerbergs Twitter Pinterest accounts hacked

No doubt Facebook is biggest social media platform and everybody knows about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He is one of most famous personality and Dustin Moskovitz is the worlds youngest billionaire who co-founded social networking site Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg. There is no more need to intoduce him. 

Mark runs the biggest social media platform and his firm has responsibility of securing accounts and data of people on the platform. But, this he himself failed to safeguard his social accounts. He forgets the basics of online security for his online accounts. 

Last weekend a group of hackers from Saudi Arabia, known as OurMine, claimed that they have successfully gained access to his accounts. They have rubbed salt into the wounds by posting tweets using his account that they have found his password to be dadada.  

Hackers exploited the data released in LinkedIn breach last month revealing over 164 million users details (which was hacked in 2012). Then they broke it and tried it on different social media accounts. Now the hackers account has suspended and tweet is also deleted. Hackers group is supposed to be a team of teenagers.  These days children are getting naughty A Scottish student announced last week he hacked into North Korea’s version of Facebook using the password “password”. 

If the hackers are telling the truth to the world then, Mark has broken some major rules of password by  

  • Not setting the password long enough, only 6 characters. It must be at least 8 chacaraters. 
  • Not including numbers and special characters in the password. 
  • Using the same password again. 

Maybe, he did so to remember the password easily and Mark did not tweet since 2012, indicating that he was not active there. 

Ironically, Facebook dont allow users to repeat passwords.  

Deleted tweets also claims that they have accessed his Instagram account. But, Facebook reacted as follows No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed, a Facebook spokesperson said. The affected accounts have been re-secured. 

So, we suggest readers to change their password regularly. And, yes .. Dont use same password for different accounts.   

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