Beware of WhatsApp Gold version scam

Dont get happy if you get message on WhatsApp about WhatsApp Gold. The message may say wonderful things about it. They will try to grab your interest.

The text may look like as texted below : WhatsApp Gold version scam text

Wow !Finally Secret Whatsapp Gold Version is Leaked, This version only used by big celebrities,You must install it Now to Enjoy latest features like Whatsapp Gold Logo and Themes,Private msg without showing your number,Free wifi mode,video calling,who view your profile pic,free call etc,click on below link to activate now  WhatsApp Gold version scam features

When you visit the mentioned website in text. You will reach a page in browser which will ask you to invite (nearly 15) friends and groups on WhatsApp. So, that can get more traffic in future thorough your invites. After you have invited friends, again they ask you to download some apps and complete surveys which seems to be a scam to capture your data.   WhatsApp Gold version scam fake apps and surveys  

WhatsApp Gold version scam app survey One more fact that proves it is a scam is that, Even on Windows Phone the website shows Your device supports WhatsApp Gold but we all know we can install apps on Windows phone from Store only. 

You must avoid such messages. Earlier WhatsApp blocked WhatsApp Plus on its servers for similar kind of activities. These kind of texts are just scam, they try to put malware and malicious software on your device and trap to steal your personal information and data. You can even see proof in images attached. We want you to be safe and happy. Share it with your friends and relatives. Enjoy WhatsApp and Facebook.

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