Apple iOS 10 all top 55 new hidden features list is here

Apple held WWDC ( World-Wide Developers Conference ) on 13 June,2016 where they shown a lot of new software, surprisingly there was no new hardware. Watch OS 3 with a lot of features like new clock faces, scribble, easy reply options, etc was launched. 

Here, I will tell you about the 55 new added features to iOS 10. 

  1. Unknown texter prediction is there. It predicts unknown message sender. In iOS 9, it was limited to calls only but, now in messages too for iOS 10.Apple-iOS-10-new-unknown-texter-prediction
  2. Contact info page is now new and better. Display content in clean way. 
  3. Automatic Message Enhancement Presets When you send someone birthday wishes, it will automatically adds up ballons floating up in background. And also stuff like firecracker firing up when you text something related to that.Apple-iOS-10-new-background-animations-balloons-happy-birthday
  4. Spotlight search history will be created for your searches to help you in future.
  5. Automatic calendar events can be set based on iMessage content. Apple-iOS-10-new-automatic-event-finder-from-imessage-content
  6. iOS 10 tell you about un-optimized apps for 64 bit or iOS 10 after you download a new app from play store.
  7. In Recovery mode There is an option to visit to Apple support page right from the recovery page. Apple-iOS-10-new-feature-go-to-apple-support-from-recovery-page
  8. Export a webpage to .pdf file (To do so, Select print option on a webpage, then you will see it in text document format. Then, you can use other apps to export it to .pdf file.
  9. Apple had redesigned health app- clean and concise with tiles having appropriate information.Apple-iOS-10-new-health-app
  10. Control center have resume playing option for playing music from a non-Apple music app after accidentally closing that music app.  
  11. Split view to music app is also added in iPad for seamless multitasking.Apple-iOS-10-new-split-music-multitasking-for-iPad
  12. Apple watch face gallery have a new look now.
  13. Music controls are now larger, there is more spacing in between them making them easier to access and use.Apple-iOS-10-new-larger-music-controls
  14. Music app iOS 10 iPad is much better having control easy to access.
  15. Access song lyrics easily within the music app.Apple-iOS-10-new-bigger-music-controls-and-lyrics-easy-to-access
  16. Redesigned Apple news.
  17. Warning before using unsecured networks. Apple warns its users about the vulnerabilities and risks of using non-secured WiFi connection.
  18. You can now dislike songs to filter songs in Music app. Apple-iOS-10-new-dislike-song-button
  19. Easier SIRI corrections , SIRI will give a list of mispronunciations to correct quickly.
  20. Search photos for an object, place or person using new search function in photos with a bar on top. Apple-iOS-10-new-search-place-object-and-person
  21. Storage glitch is now silently patched. 
  22. Notes collaboration with people to get easy real time updates. Apple-iOS-10-new-add-people-to-notes-real-time-updates
  23. In Camera burst mode, count of shots is now in smaller text.
  24. Now you set individual volumes for each alarm. Make the alarm quitter or louder with their priority. Apple-iOS-10-new-feature-to-set-individual-alarm-volume
  25. Improved new word lookup. 
  26. New system UI color filters,these are maybe for color blinds.
  27. Stopwatch interface is new with analog stopwatch which looks nice cool.Apple-iOS-10-new-stopwatch-dark-theme-analog-design 
  28. There is bolder text on lock screen showing time, day, date, etc.
  29. New privacy tab in setting by name of speech recognition.
  30. Passbook interface is now changed changed. Apple-iOS-10-new-changed-passbook-interface
  31. Dark Mode is hidden (Some developers found it earlier ). Apple clock is already dark in iOS 10.
  32. Animations are also changed for app folder opening on main screen.
  33. Ads will displayed in App Store above search results. Source for Apple to earn more money, developers have to pay for displaying their app on top.Apple-iOS-10-new-ads-in-apple-app-store
  34. Changed animations for opening up of apps.
  35. Buttons reversed with deleting apps, also swapped in gallery. You may face problems if you are habitual of older format. swapped-delete-and-cancel-button-on-iOS-10
  36. iOS 10 allows you to delete system apps Apple says so..
  37. But in reality they are just hidden. If you remove any app like maps.. it will be hidden only from your eyes and you can find and download it from app store even without any internet connection. How its possible to download and install app without internet on iPhone if its actually deleted ??
  38. Use new magnifier option in Accessibility to magnify anything anytime. Apple-iOS-10-new-magnifier
  39. 3D touch for assistive touch button allows it to function it as home button.
  40. Alerts when you leave WiFi ranges by ! mark next to your WiFi network name.
  41. Photos App loads much faster on iOS with even tons of photos.
  42. Close all tabs in one go by pressing and holding tabs button in Safari browser. Apple-iOS-10-new-close-allsafari-tabs-at-once
  43. Side by Side tabs in iPad- to enable it press and hold tab view to select open split view. Multitask with split web browser tabs now.
  44. Siri settings now given an individual tab main page of settings.
  45. Mail ,Contact and Calendar settings are now split up into individual tabs. Apple-iOS-10-new-individual-tabs-for-mail-contacts-and-calendars
  46. New tab of dictionary in general settings to select which dictionary to use from a long list.
  47. 3D touch widget for many Apple applications providing lot of options without opening the apps. Apple-iOS-10-new-3d-touch-for-weather
  48. 3D touch is now extended to all third party apps , at least there will be a share button on the menu.
  49. 3D touch for downloading apps to pause, cancel and share them.
  50. It is now easier to find emails with email filtering using options of attachments, vip, etc. Apple-iOS-10-new-Email-filtering
  51. New and better face detection. Also recognizes scene, objects, etc.
  52. New and faster attachment sheet to attach photos and media into messages, live camera going on there to send instant pics and live videos. Apple-iOS-10-new-media-photo-video-attachment-bar
  53. Memories tab in Photos to group photos on various basis and create a slideshow also.
  54. New better Maps, now proactive for suggestions and also shows traffic on route. Dynamic view is also added.
  55. Handwritten messages for special occasions are also available to surprise people. Apple-new-iOS-10-allows-hand-writing-text-scribble


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