Amazing YouTube Facts and Figures : You will wonder to know

We all know YouTube as video sharing platform. But, it has now become more than that. It is now a learning portal, you can search for solution to your queries here. Besides being free to all, many people have earned a big amount of money with the platform. There are many YouTube out there, which have it as only major source of income. YouTube grows very rapidly in last five years. It is worth telling you some YouTube Facts because, you will be amazed to know.

  • According to FastCompany, Most searched tutorial phrase on YouTube is “How to Kiss”. 
  • The most disliked video on YouTube is Justin Biebers Baby, with over 6,459,000 dislikes. They probably will increase, you can also check now for current figure. 
  • If you search Do a harlem shake on YouTube, then the YouTube website itself will do a harlem shake for you. 
  • Searches done on YouTube are greater in number than searches done on Yahoo, Bing, and Ask together. Hence, it becomes the second largest search engine just after Google. 
  • You will become eligible to use YouTube Space in Los Angeles for free if you have more then 10,000 subscribers. Youtube also has more production spaces worldwide such as London, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Sao Paulo and one in our Mumbai too.
  •  You can use YouTube in your preferred language because it has over 75 languages supported. 
  • The music video Gangnam Style on YouTube was so popular that it broke the views counter. YouTube needed to add more digits after, it was the first video to cross 1 billion views and now at 2.6 billion. 
  • YouTube has over a billion users which is a big number. More than 50% of its views are from mobile devices. 
  • YouTube gets new content continuously at a rate of more then 4 days of video every minute. Hence, it has practically non-ending videos for you back to back.
  • YouTubes all three founders (Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim) were employees of PayPal. They invested their bonuses in YouTube to make it successful. 
  • The first ever video on YouTube was a 19 seconds video Me at the zoo, uploaded by co-founder Jawed Karim. 
  • Finally, the big boy Google bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion, in 2006. 
  • YouTube star Grumpy Cat earned more money than Oscar-Winning Actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2014. 
  • 60% of the most popular 1000 videos on YouTube are not accessible to Germany. 
  • Highest earning channels from YouTube made millions (2.5 to 12 million US$) of dollars in 2015. 
  • There is an amazing way of coming down in YouTubes headquarters. Besides elevator and stairs. there are slides which are really fun to do. 
  • Time spent by people on YouTube watching videos is growing at a rate of more than 50% year by year. 
  • It will take you thousand of years to watch all the videos present on YouTube now. Hope you may live long to watch all those hahaha. 
  • Nearly 80% of views are out-of-USA, YouTube has a very good global reach. 
  • Most-watched non-music video was Charlie bit my finger currently at 0.8 billion views. 
  • YouTube has signed with over 10,000 advertisers, considering advertising is only big source of income with Google. Even, the money paid to channels also come from advertising. 
  • YouTube is famous for doing pranks on April Fools day. The following is described on ShoutMeLoud YouTube started April fool’s day pranks in 2008. Post that every year they successfully do it. In 2008 prank, all the links to the videos on the main page were redirected to Rick Astley’s music video “Never Gonna Give You Up”, also known as “Rickrolling” prank. Prank of 2009 was classic; they turned the page upside down when user clicked a video and they call it a new page layout.Similarly down the years, this year they tied up with a newspaper satire company “The Onion” and claimed that the video sharing website was launched as a contest and now it is over. Winners will be announced and you won’t believe the video of two presenters announcing all this was streamed live for 12 hours.” 

Hope you likes reading these interesting YouTube Facts.