Apple Facts : Amazing Bizarre Things about Apple you dont know

Apple, the first thing which come to mind is Luxury. Luxury of smartphones, PCs laptops and desktops, tablets is synonymous to Apple. Apple is the creator of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. While I figure out, why they did not added the letter i to the name Mac. You move on to next portion of article and check our list of Apple Facts.

  • The original Apple logo represented famous Sir Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree, reading something. apple-logo_original1
  • First of all, clear the doubt that Steve Jobs was not the founder of Apple. He was the one who gave Apple its identity, brand value and fame all around the world. Steve Jobs was rather the co-founder of Apple.
    In 1976, Wozniak invented the Apple I computer. After Wozniak showed it to Jobs, who suggested that they sell it, they and Ronald Wayne formed Apple Computer in the garage of Jobss Los Altos home on Crist Drive.described on Wikipedia
  • Steven Gary Wozniak (1950-present )  founded Apple with Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011), and Ronald Gerald Wayne (1934-present ) on April Fools day (1 April) of  1976. 
  • Apples co-founder Wayne sold his shares for $800 in 1977 back to company. He would have been a billionaire today if kept his shares with him till today. 
  • iPhones accounts for nearly half of the revenue of Apple.  
  • Appless first computer was just a circuit board assembly. Therefore, it did not possessed any kind of things same as keyboard, mouse and even a display monitor. 
  • Apple was originally Apple Computers for 30 years until they removed the word computer in 2007. Hence, it implies that they were expanding their business. It seems like they did it for the iPhone launched on 27 June,2007.
  •  Apple is famous for giving fake projects to its employees and management team, seems like Apple is very secretive. As a result, they can track who leaked the news.
  • The most expensive laptop ever made costs US$486,616 and this one was from Apple, Macbook Air Platinum.  Its production was limited to 5 units only because its unibody enclosure is made from solid platinum. So we hope you are not a big fan of platinum-build gadgets. MacBook-Air-Platinum-Edition-3
  • In 2010, Apple was valued at US $222.12 billion, while its competitor Microsoft at US$219.18 billion. Therefore,  Apple surpassed Microsoft. 
  • In 2011, Apple also left behind other companies like Exxon to become the worlds most valuable company. But, recently Google defeated Apple in terms of worth. 
  • Steve Jobs replaced Apple logo with solid white bitten into apple, instead of old rainbow colored bitten into apple.
  • Apple Corp. was originally the property of Beatles. Hence, they have taken Apple to court multiple times for trademark infringement. First of all, in 1978, only two years after Apple came into existence. They have settled the case in 1981 on the condition that Apple will not enter music industry. Then, they also met again in court in 1989 and 2003. Finally, both companies reached on an agreement in 2007.
  • Around 115,000 employees are working in Apple. They had only 14,000 employees before launching the iPhone.
  • Apple has more cash than the US treasury has. But, it is a different thing that US govt. can print more if it needs. 
  • The time in all iPhones advertisements and posters is set at 9:41 because Steve Jobs launched iPhone at 9:41. Apple-iPhone-clocks-9:41
  • Original iPod inventor, first of all took his invention to Philips and Real Networks. Both of them didnt saw any future in it. Hence, Apple got the idea and business. 
  • Steve Jobs loved apples that is the reason behind why Apple named Apple. He had very less time for deciding the name and Apple also come before Atari in alphabetical order. Atari is the place where Steve Jobs earlier worked. 
  • iPhone was codenamed M68 since 2004 to its launch in 2007. The project was so secretive that software guys didnt seen hardware and hardware guys never seen software during the development of iPhone. 
  • For many years, Apples logo was designed to be straight when users open it, so that they they do not open it wrong way confusingly. Though it would not open from wrong side.
    But. the logo was flipped upside down because they wanted it to appear straight when shot in films and pictures. 
  • Apple earned more than Google, Facebook, Amazon combined in first quarter of 2014. But, the sad part is that the party did not lasted long. Thanks to iPhones which made it possible. 
  • First computer from Apple, Apple I was sold for $666.66 only because Steve Wozniak like to repeat numbers. The estimated price was evaluated at US$667. 
  • Samsung manufactures and supplies the retina display of Apple iPads. 
  • Also, Apple uses chips and RAMs in iPhones manufactured by Samsung. Not all but many of them have Samsung manufactured parts inside. Apple-Samsung
  • Apple has patented rounded corners on rectangular electronic devices in US. I think that is not a big innovation to patent.
  • If you are thinking to buy a new Apple computer, then you should stop smoking. Because Smoking near Apple computers voids warranty. 
  • Apple also tried clothing business in 1986. We are not seeing any Apple cloth store hinting that they were unsuccessful at it. 
  • Originally Siri Inc. developed voice recognition system Siri for Android and Blackberry.But, unfortunately or fortunately Apple bought Siri Inc. in April 2010. 
  • Around 60% of apps present on Apple iTunes App Store never got any download count greater than zero. But officially, Apple do not show download count on its Store.  
  • Apple Macbook has bulletproof battery packed inside it. You can try it if any gun attacks you. I think the man in picture below has his Macbook in the bag. Bulletproof-laptop-bag-2jpeg
  • Getting a job at Apple is more tougher than admission at Harvard University. Maybe its better if you try your luck at both places. 

Hope you have enjoyed these Apple facts. If you have any more to add then, feel free to add some more points by commenting below. 

via : MacWorldRandomHistory