Add Hidden, Secure, Safe and Private User Account on Windows

Privacy is one of the biggest thing we consider today. We keep our gadgets as much safe and private as possible. We never want anyone else to look into our gadgets and things. And why not, we have our own so called personal life. We want to store personal data somewhere nobody can access it. When we simply protect it with password, we face problems keeping it secret as everybody force tell the password because they can see your account. What if you can hide your account and access it in private room only. We will tell you how create hidden account, how to hide it completely and how to access it. 

Trick to create hidden account 
  • Open Notepad either by searching notepad or using command prompt ( Press  WIN+R > type notepad >hit enter ).  Open_Notepad_command_prompt        OR          Open_Notepad_Search 
  • In Notepad, Copy and Paste code written next 

@echo off
net user hidden password /add
net local group Administrators hiddenusername /add

  • Replace password with your hidden account password and hiddenusername with your account user name.  Hideen_account_.bat_file
  • And Save this file as Hidden.bat 
  • Open the folder where this file is saved. Right-click on the file and Run as administratorRun as administrator hidden.bat fileAfter this a command prompt will appear telling that your account is created. 
  • You can confirm your hidden account creation this way. Press WIN+R > type cmd >hit enter > type net users > hit enter. Now you can see all the user accounts on your PC along with hidden account.Windows_user_accounts_cmd

Note : Be careful about spaces while typing commands in cmd .

Your hidden account is created and you have checked the same. 

Trick to make hidden account completely disappear 

Follow the steps  

  • Search cmd or command prompt and run as administrator. run cmd as administrator
  • Type net user hidden /active:no ( be careful about spaces or directly copy paste the command from here ) >hit enter. Windows_hidden-user-account-status
  • You have successfully hidden your account if the command has executed successfully. Windows user account hidden

Warning : If you run cmd normally, without administrative permissions. You will see error 5 (Access is denied ) while executing the command. Access_denied_errr-cmd-hide-user-account

Trick to get back your hidden account and access the private data
  • Open cmd with administrative permissions as done earlier 
  • Type net user hidden /active:yes then hit enter. Windows-hidden-account-back-cmd
  • This way you can bring your hidden account back. Windows hidden accout back to use